Moving to North Carolina

This Is The Mountain Life…

So you have decided to move to the mountains of North Carolina. GREAT! You have made a good choice. It is affordable, peaceful, and has plenty of fresh air for all. For those of you who want a year round mountain view you have some special considerations to take into account. View 1

      Like… What if it snows, will you be able to get down? What if there is a storm, will you still have power? Can the fire trucks or ambulances reach me? Can I get internet or phone service?

 Calm Down and don’t panic. We have the answer….. YES! It is the 21st century and thanks to our kids and grandchildren, we have many capabilities today then we had even a few years ago.

Living on top of a mountain is a dream for most but fear and doubt get in the way of making the choice to move. LET GO OF THE FEAR! Everything will be fine…. if you don’t believe us just look at the slide show of a property that just became available in Murphy, NC. It has everything you need. Including internet, phone, water, septic, paved driveway, cable, a lake view, and a spectacular view of the mountains.

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Did you like it? Of course you did! What’s not to like? Now I bet your thinking well…  What’s the price? If you are from a larger city you will be shocked at how far your money can take you our here. This home is currently listed at $289,000! The reason we used it on this post is the fact that it is in an ideal location, has absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, and is close to town. So if you are thinking about moving to the mountains and feel braver today give us a call. Big Frank can help make your dream come true. CLICK HERE to see more.

Murphy NC approves alcohol sales outside city limits, Uncategorized

Alcohol Finally Passes for Cherokee County! Murphy North Carolina is the new up and coming area for investors.

VotePicture From the Cherokee County Scout

The votes are in! Cherokee County North Carolina days of being a dry county are over. For the small town of Murphy N.C. this couldn’t have come at a better time. Murphy’s new Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Resort opened their doors last year and are expected to bring in an estimated 500,000 + tourist to the area this summer. Investors were waiting in the wings to see if the 2016 ballot to allow alcohol sales outside of city limits, was going to pass. Well, it did, and now investors are making their moves.

     Business investors are not the only ones cashing in on the great opportunity to own a piece of Murphy N.C. . First time home buyers, flippers, and rental property investors are also scooping up available homes to earn an income from the estimated rise in equity. “It’s a untapped goldmine of opportunity here in Murphy”, said one local man.

     As a realtor in Murphy, NC Big Frank Schuler was interviewed by the Cherokee County Scout and commented that “We are a tourist community now” . Said Big Frank Nov 2 2016.

Please Give are office a call and we will be able to help you invest in Murphy too! Big Frank is amazing and knows the area well. He will find you the best deal and opportunity Murphy has to offer. 828-837-0991